Data Governance & Information Quality Conference

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Alex Stevenson, the Principal of Metonomy, will be speaking at this years DGIQ event in San Diego.

As one of our long standing partners and a good friend, we would like to wish Alex the best of luck with his talk at the DGIQ Conference in San Diego next month. Here are the details of Alex’s presentation:

Analytics Governance – Adding Value in the Final Mile

Monday, June 6, 2022

05:00 PM – 05:45 PM


The DGIQ Conference is the world’s most comprehensive event dedicated entirely to Data Governance & Information Quality.

Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced data professional, this conference offers informative sessions and tutorials for all levels of experience. As an attendee, you can choose from an abundance of networking opportunities, and the exhibits are a great way to explore new tools and services. This year the conference will be in-person to the traditional “summer” scheduling for DGIQ in San Diego on June 6-10, 2022.

Alex specializes in helping companies implement effective Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics systems. Over the course of his career, Alex delivered BI programs and projects and provided consultancy advice across a broad range of business sectors. He enjoys producing creative, practical solutions, and working with people in multi-disciplinary teams to deliver real business value. In recent years Alex became increasingly interested in using automation to address some of the challenges experienced by mature organizations with multiple, disparate BI products. For example, he’s been developing methods to identify inconsistencies, determine duplication and redundancy within and across applications, and to provide improved context for consumers of BI & Analytics. The goal is, through automation, to optimize existing applications or to enable migration to new ones as efficiently as possible. 

Analytics Governance – Adding Value in the Final Mile

Most mature organizations are on a journey to modernize their digital landscape. Many have made significant headway in improving the quality and usefulness of data through governance initiatives. However, companies are often left using a multiplicity of BI and analytics applications, on-premise and in the Cloud, that are used to access and transform curated data. These analytics assets are used to produce the information to support business decisions, yet they don’t receive the same level of governance or curation in this “final mile” before consumption as upstream data stores.

This presentation outlines how challenges faced by analytics teams and the consumers of business information can be addressed through automation. Specifically:

  • Identifying inconsistencies across multiple, disparate Analytics apps
  • Determining degrees of duplication and usage patterns so that redundant analytic content can be tagged and archived
  • Optimizing apps that have fallen into technical debt
  • Enabling addition of context and categorization (purpose, owner, SME, steward, certification PII, etc.)
  • Monitoring and validation of assets (e.g., from self-service dashboards to CSV file profiling)

Implementing improved governance and control of their analytics assets enables organizations to build on their existing investments and bridge the final mile.

Find out more about the conference here. To find out more about Metonomy, click here.