Company DNA People. Value. Simplicity.

We like to keep things simple: our communication, our projects, our relationships. As a result, we have found that this saves time, confusion, and stress for all stakeholders.

Our team is big on value: value for money, and time to value. We live in a world today where time is money, which is why we are always looking for ways to make life easier through simplicity and automation.

Our people are, and always will be, our most important asset: our employees, our partners, our clients & prospective clients. We value and encourage an inclusive, open approach, based on integrity and teamwork.

We have a belief, based on our values, that we have a duty of care for one another, to help make life a better experience for those in more challenged circumstances than ourselves. To this end, we engage with charity work, eventies, and organisations whose goals and objectives resonate with the human values that are close to the insightful Analytix family of employees, partners, and clients alike.

Quality of Life, is a Life of Quality, and should be open & accessible to all.