Better Business Decisions from Data

At Insightful Analytix, we are focused on assisting companies with leveraging the heritage investment into their Analytics landscape. We enhance the value of their business data through our suite of software solutions and best practice consulting services. This is the embodiment of Accelerating Analytics Transformation.

The Challenge

As we embrace smart devices in all aspects of our lives, both B2B and B2C, the global data explosion is exponential. This presents a significant challenge, in interpretation, trending, and informed decision-making. When you then overlay the heritage analytical landscape that businesses have in their ecosystem, the impact of inconsistent data, definitions and calculations, this magnifies the challenge. Businesses need to be data-driven and more effective in reducing analytical decision cycles to be market competitive and more customer centric. The priority business planning and transformation of analytical assets is imperative to business competitiveness in the new cloud-native and data-driven world we operate within.

The Solution

Insightful Analytix have created a suite of best in class solutions and associated consulting services that defines the core aspects of this transformational move, under a framework with governance at the heart of the offerings.

Our approach is a modular one, as each company has its own unique business, operational, and technical landscape, with its own business critical priorities.

To establish our direction of path, we need to both assess and evaluate our current asset estate, define a roadmap, and prioritise projects on the basis of best value, business imperatives, low risk, and greatest return on value.

We offer a holistic approach to help you from start to finish with this transformation process, or we can help with very specific solutions which can make up a piece of the puzzle. A simplistic breakdown of these solutions are as follows:

  • Revive – software automation and associated consulting services enabling businesses to transform their heritage BI content from OnPremise, to a new cloud native data & analytics architecture.
  • Precision – a suite of software analysis and auditing tools providing businesses to create company-wide measures and metrics from a mixed vendor heritage landscape. Asset management and governance coming to light.
  • Responsive – transforming line of business analytical workloads from OnPremise heritage ERP platforms into a cloud native data architecture, enabling business users more flexibility to self-service their information demands, reducing time to value.
  • Dynamic – the panacea of real-time data & analytics, end-user self-service in a cloud native environment, using modern software to reduce technical skills through automation.