Our methodology is the outline of our consultancy services. Together, with our Solution offering, we have the full package.

To deliver an effective analytical project, it’s important to have a proven agile development methodology, and Insightful Analytix is born out of decades of project experience. The key phases of our methodology are:

Analyse: a functional and technical health check of the current BI landscape, validating content scope and current business applicability, eradicating historical, technical debt.

Design: a document outlining the functional and technical scope, and resources assessment, as a project blueprint to be carried forwards as the definitive project plan.

Amend: a series of functional and technical development tasks that transforms the existing BI functional and technical content into the new target deployment, as scoped in the project plan.

Enhance: the business and technical configuration, set up of the new instance of the BI application, with the defined, designed and developed amended functional and technical features as scoped in the project plan.

Optimise: the ongoing business training, adoption, and enablement of users to become more effective as decision makers, enhancing operational, regulatory, and financial performance.

These phases of work in the project lifecycle, are undertaken within an agile development framework. This is to ensure that business, operational, and technical resources are appropriately available through each phase of the project, mitigating risk and maximising business value.

Our Methodology