A debrief on DGIQ

the final mile

Alex Stevenson – the Founder and Principal of Metonomy (one of our partners) attended and presented at the Data Governance and Information Quality Conference in San Diego last month. We asked him for a debrief of how the event went and here is what he had to say…

“I had the pleasure of attending the DGIQ conference in San Diego last month.  It had been some time since I had attended an event in person, I think Big Data London ’21 was the most recent prior to this, and I was very much looking forward to meeting some of the Data Governance community in the US and exchanging ideas.  Added to this I’d been accepted to present on a topic close to my heart: “Analytics Governance – adding value in the final mile”.

Well, I have to report the conference venue was ideal, the event well organised with wide-ranging, topical content, and the participants – speakers, attendees and exhibitors were fully-engaged. Congratulations to Tony Shaw and his team for providing a great forum to exchange ideas.
The presentation was fun to deliver.  Fair to say I was a little apprehensive that a 5pm slot on the first day of conference would yield a low attendance but was happily proved wrong.  Throughout, the audience asked searching, relevant questions on Analytics Governance and I hope they found our discussion as useful and thought-provoking as I did.  Anyway, that reminds me of one stand-out question I received at the Q&A stage of proceedings.  I’d placed an image of the Forum in Rome on the slide with a few question marks peppered across it.  On inviting further questions a hand shot up and someone asked: “When’s the best month to visit Rome?”.  Drawing on my limited experience I was able to reply along the lines of “June’s fine if you don’t mind the heat but I’d recommend you skip the Trevi fountain and Spanish Steps…”.  Always up for a left-field question.  Other themes touched on in the session related to the need for end-to-end observability from data source to point of consumption, providing quality assurance for analytics output and how automation can drive efficiencies in transformation and migration programmes.  From holiday advice to thorny problems experienced with analytics in the information supply chain – an eclectic mix.

Anyway, the conference gave me an opportunity to listen to people’s views on what’s being done well in the data governance domain and also areas where challenges remain.  Transpires that Analytics Governance is an emerging topic of interest and it was great to validate this with folks who seemed to relish challenging hubris and “group think”.
So, the trip from London was certainly worth it from my point of view.  I got to meet a range of people: practitioners, vendors, polymaths and specialists; and felt that I was able to take the pulse of what’s going on in the data governance space.  This domain, a little like San Diego in early June, is warming-up, trending to hot.
Looking forward to another trip to the beach in 2023!”

Thank you Alex for sharing your musings with us. We hope this has given you all a little insight into a few things: DGIQ as an event, Analytics Governance as an emerging topic, and Alex as a presenter (and blog writer for that matter).

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